Fanta #100 Redemption Site – Play now! Grow up later


The year of 2014 was key for Fanta brand as Fanta wanted to establish itself as a champion of Play. This came to life in all brand communications via a fresh campaign.

The 2014 Integrated Marketing Communication is two fold:
1. Social engagement campaign “100 things to do before you grow up” motivating teens to unleash their playful side by impulses that they can do on their own or by experiences that only Fanta can offer
2. Fanta on pack promo with a chance to win great experiences with Fanta partner

This brief focused on the second point to create a GB specific landing page, an online redemption site for the online campaign and an email template to notify winners.


The challenges for the on pack promotion are to facilitate entries and engage consumers to click through to the social campaign.


FantaMicrosite_SimpleUserJourney1.    Consumer buys a Fanta product with a CTA to win great prizes online,
2.    He goes online and lands on the GB landing page, chooses to click on the redemption site
3.    Consumer lands on the redemption page and enters the on-pack code and contact details
4.    If the code is accepted, the user is directed to a thank you page confirming the entry and has a CTA to go to the social campaign page
5.    If the code has already been used, or the user has entered more than 10 times entering the same email address in the same day, they’ll get an error message explaining the issue
6.    Winners will get a notification email the following day with a prompt to go to the social campaign page again



FantaMicrosite_WireframeHomepageVISUAL DESIGN