Tesco Online Field Trips

Online Field Trips by The Tesco Eat Happy Project, are interactive visits to farms across the UK and around the world that bring lessons to life for the pupils. We’re bringing the food producers to you!  Children can learn about where their food comes from by chatting live to growers and producers using Google+ hangouts, and so discover how food gets from farm to fork.

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Episode 5 | Sweet Strawberries
What type of fruit is a strawberry?
How they grow
The importance of flowers and pollination
When’s the best time to pick them


Episode 6 | Brilliant Bananas

How bananas grow
Why the climate in Costa Rica is perfect for bananas
How they are picked, packed and transported to the UK
How they’re ripened to perfection in a ripening centre


Episode 7 | Yummy Honey

Why bees are so important to our environment
What happens to the nectar inside the hive
How bees turn nectar into honey.
How honey from the hive is gathered and processed


Episode 11 | Prize Pumpkins

The difference between squash and pumpkin
How a pumpkin grows
How pumpkins are harvested
How to cook a pumpkin


Episode 12 | Saucy Baked Beans

How haricot beans are grown
How baked beans are prepared and cooked
Why baked beans are good for you
How to make your own baked beans

AmericanBeansBeanAnatomy Beans_Molasses

Episode 13 | Juicy Clementines

How clementines grow
Why we eat clementines at a certain time of the year
What makes clementines good for us
How they fit into the citrus family

Clementines_Pips Excellent Eggs

How eggs are formed
The components of an egg
Why eggs are good for us
Where most of the eggs we eat come from