Rebranding a Police Station to a Cultural Bar

A long time ago, “Base Tango” used to be a Police Station but after its closure in mid 2012, the team of architects André da Marça and Susana Carvalho came up with an idea plan for this place where they “used to come and pay for their parking tickets”: why not converting it to the coolest underground cultural space and bar in the city of Coimbra?

With a DIY approach they quickly build up the idea and a couple of months later it opens as “Aqui Base Tango” a code name for the station. 2 years and something later it is a huge success story and one of the most trendy and dynamic bars in the country.

Brand Identity

For the brand identity I wanted to come up with something really unique, a hand drawn look and feel and very organic. Sooner I understood the potential of the space and decoration were going to be and decided I wanted photography to be a key feature of all ABT identity materials.


Here is how turned up!

Main logo version


Horizontal version


Characterised by its external color paint, I wanted the pink to be one of the main colors. Geometric and bold shapes as a rebellious statement. A versatile logo with some different version to be adaptable for the different mediums.